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Jeffrey Mueller has all the qualifications, technical skills and many years of experience in the film industry to make all your television series or feature film productions a success on time and within your budgets. With the recent success of the 2016 Netflix series "Project Mc2", Jeffrey's services were called upon once again to design and install the studio's lighting grid so principal photography can begin Mar. 2017 on new episodes. 

Jeffrey's responsibility as the "Key Grip" is to organize his own crew, budget, schedule, provide all the necessary machinery, gear, equipment to pre-rig and pre-lite the film studio, on all sets so that Jeffrey and Crew can start principal photography on time; plus staying well within production's budget.

For many years, too this very day, even when budgets are challenging, Jeffrey has an excellent business relationship with the top equipment suppliers for all of his film production service needs, which in turn provides unlimited capabilities when it comes to Jeffrey providing his skills and services to many film production companies and studios globally.

A passion for storytelling through creative visuals is essential in this type of work. Jeffrey Mueller has loved the art of film making, camera operations, and the artistry of lighting since he was a young child and this passion shows through in all of his work.

With Jeffrey also being highly educated in all the departments of film, television and animation, this has also led Jeffrey to be called upon to garner and experience working on many popular television properties providing animation services that are currently airing on YTV, PBS, Treehouse, Teletoon, Cartoon Network, Netflix and more across Canada and the United States and throughout the globe.

Jeffrey's expertise includes managing production pipelines, finances and excellent communication with clients, ensuring deadlines are met seamlessly and gracefully.
Jeffrey Mueller’s advanced creativity had lead him into experiences by having a unique ability to create those visually unforgettable scenes that you often see in many feature-length films. 

With Jeffrey's many years of film and animation production experience and the qualifications to work in several different departments, Jeffrey has the skills and ability working in many animation and designing programs such as Toonboom, Harmony, Storyboard Pro, Flash, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Maya, XSI and more. Jeffrey Mueller has aspirations for his animation  and film career working diligently to keep both progressing simultaneously.