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With big success in 2016 as the "Key Grip " for the Emmy nominated Netflix series "Project Mc2 ", Jeffrey returned to the series in early 2017 to design, & install the studio's lighting grid so principal photography could begin on time, staying below the challenging production budgets. 

Once the series wrapped; and the grip trucks were reloaded, Jeffrey immediately was called to be the "Key Grip " for a feature film titled "Elsewhere " with a full star cast line up to be filmed for several weeks on Vancouver Island. Not only Jeffrey was able to stay below the production's budgets, Jeffrey created unforgettable set ups for each scene daily that were talked about by the director, producers and DOP for days. Which created a great work environment daily where the entire production staff and crews became a close production family.   

Too this very day, when film production budgets can be some-what challenging, Jeffrey has the access and flexibility to meet all your television series and feature film production service needs. Which in turn provides unlimited capabilities at the lowest package rental costs so Jeffrey Mueller can provide his expert film production services and skills to production companies and studios globally.

The passion for storytelling through creative visuals is essential in this field of work. Jeffrey Mueller has loved the process of animation, film making, camera operating, and the artistry of lighting since he was a young child and this passion shows through in all of his work as a film production professional.

With Jeffrey Mueller being highly educated and trained in all the media fields of FilmTelevision, and Animation production, this has led Jeffrey to also garner and experience working in-house at studios on many popular television series properties providing animation services that are currently airing on YTVPBSTreehouseTeletoonDisney XDNetflix and more globally.

Jeffrey's expertise and experiences also include being a Storyboard Artist/RevisionistProduction Designer, Art Director and VFX Artist. Plus having excellent communication skills and easily working with others will always ensure deadlines are met seamlessly and gracefully. 
With over 20 years of film and animation production experience, plus having all the qualifications to work in several different departments, Jeffrey has gained over these years a wide range of skills and ability that would meet and very much exceed all your expectations including the knowledge and ability to work with many animation and designing programs/software such as VectorWorksToonboomStoryboard  Pro, FlashPhotoshopSketchUpMayaXSI and more. 

Jeffrey Mueller has high aspirations for his film and animation production service career, working diligently to keep both progressing simultaneously at the same time leaving a lasting impression.

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