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Magpie Film Studio, a cross-platform media production company that was founded by Jeffrey Mueller in 1994.

Magpie Film Studio is a proven creative production company that matches preeminent animation and film production talent with cost effective production. 

Magpie Film Studio is passionate about creatively collaborating with companies/studios, agencies, brands, directors, writers, designers and illustrators to visually tell stories.

Over the past decade, Magpie Film Studio has had its hands in every space of traditional media. Whether it is through advancing an early concept, managing a production or applying one of our many creative and film production services, Magpie Film Studio maximizes its rich resources to bring cool original ideas to life, in a personalized, professional and collaborative environment. 

Our core services include development, live action production for film and television, design, animation, visual effects, integrated media, and co-financing. Magpie Film Studio is based in Vancouver, BC. 

We love our work, we love the people with whom we work. Magpie Film Studio is tireless in creating great content at the same time providing film production services that leave a lasting impression. 

“Where Expertise & Creativity Becomes Reel”