Magpie Entertainment Company Ltd & Magpie Film Studio Ltd is creating a reputation for creative and technical excellence, and the consistent completion of projects on time and within budget.

Mel Brooks', Space Balls the animated series and the adventures of Zigby the 3d animated series brought Jeffrey Mueller on board as a freelance Storyboard Artist, Revisionist, Concept, Layout & Background Artist/Designer. From 2009-2014 Jeffrey went from being the Video Board Engineer & Camera Operator for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games to going onto shows such as television animated series Pound Puppies, Action Dad, Wild Animal Babies, and the new animated series Ever After High which included Jeffrey being involved with the Storyboard Revisions on the 88 minute animated feature length movie.

It is now 2015 and Jeffrey Mueller has had a busy 2014 year with having his animated series pilot which Jeffrey Wrote, Produced and Directed, screened at major Canadian Film Festivals and is currently pitching to major television networks and studios for 2015. As Jeffrey was finalizing his animated pilot for the film festivals, Jeffrey also was working on different size productions in many different departments; Jeffrey's skills and very unique talents were called upon as the VFX/Animation /Lighting Technician personnel on Dreamworks' Broadway Stage Production, Shrek the Musical where Jeffrey was responsible for all setups of, animatronics and lighting effects for the stage production; shortly there after Jeffrey was once again called and hired on the motion picture titled; POMPEII that was in theaters Feb., 2014; Jeffrey was responsible for all duties of the Rigging Department including all green screen set ups and all duties as per shot list per day. Once Jeffrey's duties ended on this motion picture, Jeffrey's talents were called onto shows such as Covert Affairs, Reign, Lucky 7 
and  Warehouse 13These are just to name a few of the film projects Jeffrey has been involved with over his 15 plus year career. Jeffrey Mueller has taken all the necessary training and has received certification tickets as an operator of all Elevating Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Arial Booms, along with the certification in Fall Protection.

Jeffrey Mueller has built the foundation for a career in the Entertainment Industry by 1995 receiving Honors from the National Institute of Broadcasting​, ​then a few years later graduated from Fine Arts & Animation College. Plus through Internships and Co-op programs gave Jeffrey the opportunity to study & work along side many Industry Leaders. After years have past Jeffrey has well rounded out his skills & experiences for his Animation and Motion Picture career vision.

Jeffrey Mueller has:
● More than 15 years of experience providing services as a motion picture and stage technician, camera operator, 2d & 3d animator, character artist, background artist, and storyboards for well known companies/studios in the entertainment industry.
● Ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality and with a fine attention to detail.
● Ability to meet deadlines within budgets as necessary.
● Ability to follow direction properly and collaborate with other fellow workers when needed.
● Experienced and familiar with all the latest in animation, storyboard, camera and media editing software.
● Excellent understanding of script/story telling and character performance.
● Great knowledge of motion picture and animation film production.

Magpie Entertainment Company Ltd. and Magpie Film Studio Ltd. was formed in 2005 in Vancouver, BC, becoming the vehicles to bring all Jeffrey Mueller's dreams into a reality providing many animation, stage/theater and motion picture production services to major studios globally.
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